About Us

We connect our customers to their consumers.

Kenyon Design Group was founded in 1997 by diversely talented husband and wife team Roxanne and Joseph Brown. Each bringing their faction of respective talents together, they started an award-winning, full-service ad design and marketing agency to fill a void in a niche marketplace. We cater to the needs of start-ups to enterprise level businesses through our plethora of services. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t always benefit our customers. What may work for one company most likely doesn’t work for another. With decades of experience, our goal is to create a mutually beneficial relationship where we fully understand your goals and visions before presenting solutions. It’s a competitive marketplace and we’re passionate about our field, staying on the forefront of innovation and technology, we focus on results. Through personal attention, you can rely on us to create a strategic solution that’s unique and advantageous to your business.

Joseph Brown

Director of Operations

Thinking outside of the box, Joe brings 25 years of innovative design and a solid foundation of programming experience to the table. Truly utilizing the analytical and artistic sides of the mind, Joe often tackles issues with a multi-dimensional approach. His interdisciplinary skills allow him to roam freely as an artist unconfined by some of the limitations found in this industry to create unique solutions to our clients’ toughest challenges.

When the tides, winds and swell are in alignment, you’ll find Joe in his spare time surfing the local breaks of northern San Diego. In the doldrums, you’ll find him complimenting his Yin (remember left/right side brain), practicing his Tai Chi.

Roxanne Brown

Art/Creative Director

Serving as the primary contact for Kenyon Design Group, Roxanne has 25 years of creative art and design experience. With a keen eye for details, passion for photography and drive for cutting-edge design, Roxanne’s work spans many genres in the visual communication field.