Yellow Page Ad Design

Yellow page ad design is often been neglected and occasion sometimes listing only the information that can be found on a business card, while other times yellow page ads may packed with great information ignoring visual impact. Other yellow page ad layouts may be nothing but visual impact. Many sales reps from around the country know information is key to a successful yellow page ad, but not all of them know how to tell a story that connects that information to the buyer in a way that generates calls.

Our sole mission is simply to create engaging yellow page ad layouts that generate calls. We meld good graphic design practices to complement the product and services your advertisers are selling. We know that the selling yellow page advertising is a science and not everyone is cut out for it often resulting in high turnovers. Preparing novice reps to sell advertising is an on going task and ad layouts suffer. Our artist are always on the look out for poor ad layouts and when they are located we give sales managers feedback they need to help sales people to fill in those blanks to create yellow page ads that generate calls and keep renewals up

Tom Surnbrock of McGill Directional Media “winner of ADP’s 2014 Gold Book Publisher of the year award”, can be quoted saying “prototyping a successful yellow page directory in a competitive market up against Verizon & AT&T could never have been done without Kenyon Design Group.” Keep in mind we prototyped the Santa Barbara Directory during a massive reccission, with a novice sales force all while the majority of marketing & advertising agencies are screaming at the top of there lungs the yellow page industry obsolete.

Tom Surnbrock

McGill Directional Media

Dennis Reimert a VP of TransWestern Publishing complemented us saying that our partnership in creating and maintaing directories in the Orange County & Northern San Diego markets was instrumental in adding an additional 150 million dollars to the 1.5 Billion Dollars purchase price YellowBook spent to acquire TransWestern. So out of the hundreds of directories TransWestern owned six we managed brought 10% of the purchase price, that’s not to bad!

Dennis Reimert

TransWestern Publishing

We have solutions to keep your sales force selling while making their jobs easier. Give us a call at (760) 607-9060 or send us a message to see how we can help upgrade your directories, retain advertising dollars, and expand your markets.

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