Customer Billing

When you’re awesome at sales, your time is best spent selling. We’re awesome at handling monotonous tasks because we have ways of streamlining the process. So leave the billing to us, unless you like the taste of licking envelopes or stuffing statements.


Folded, Stuffed, & Mailed


Recurring Billing

Secure Tokenized Billing

Bulk Mailing

Cost Saving Intelligent Barcoding

CASS Qualification

We CASS Qualify Mailing

We handle everything from billing to bulk mailings. At a moments glance through our iPub Publishing System, you can see what your customers owe and what’s coming in at any given time. We’ll create a billing statement that works for your company with your brand in mind.

We can customize the way you bill your customers. Whether they pay in full or need specific intervals of recurring billing, we can meet the individual needs of your customers.

We’ll save you money by utilizing USPS bulk mail discounts by conforming to the verification process to clean and match your customers’ billing address with cass certification, ensuring more accurately delivered results. Kenyon Design Group will take the headache out of the stringent bulk mailing standards and handle the intricate details for you.

Give us a call at (760) 607-9060 or send us a message to see how we can help upgrade your directories, retain advertising dollars, and expand your markets.